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Delicious orange truffles that will remind you of all the creamsicle treats you had as a kid. Easy to make and a great snack for parties!


This little food blog has been helping me learn to cook for the past two years, but even before then, I was all about cursing Pinterest for new recipes. I’d get lost in my feed for hours, just scrolling and scrolling, saving every photo that looked somewhat edible for that one day where I could schedule in “All The Time In The World” to make “The Very Best Recipes From Pinterest.”But alas, that never happened. Because like most Pinterest users, I only made a fraction of the recipes I saved. And of those recipes, I had more than my fair share of epic fails.

Thank goodness an old friend of mine is a good sport and will eat just about anything.

However, there were a few recipes that stood out during these “dark times” of my culinary experience. Some of those recipes I still make to this day.

Like these adorably delicious orange creamsicle truffles, for example.
I still remember the first time I made these truffles, way back before we bought our first house. I was making them for a party, and had already bragged told everyone I would be doing it…  so, of course, when it was time to get to cooking, I wanted nothing more than to back out of it. I was buckling under the pressure.

I mean, I was doing everything right. Like a good little cook, I had all the ingredients spread out before me, and all of my tools were within reach…  and yet, there I stood in the middle of my kitchen, eyeing the oranges and my brand new zester.
I was completely at a loss. I had never zested a fruit before.

Actually, this whole scenario makes for a great analogy for how I seem to stumble through life. Don’t know how to do something? That’s okay, let’s make a bunch of promises I don’t know if I can keep and wing it on the fly.

Sure, this could end badly. But it could also end up outstandingly awesome.

I’m happy to say that this story ends with the latter of the two, because after a few YouTube videos I was zesting my way to glory.

And despite all my trepidation, these truffles were easy. Zesting the fruit is probably the hardest part, I’m sure many of you already know how easy that actually is.

When I first made these truffles, I made two batches: the first one I included the orange zest in the truffles (because I didn’t read the directions properly) and the second batch I made sure to not include them.
Everyone at the party seemed to like both types of truffles, but I’d still recommend not including the zest. The texture and taste is more consistent with what you’d expect a creamsicle. The recipe instructions are also written this way.

So there you have it! A super easy creamsicle treat that still has the appeal of a fancy confectionery.

  • 1 cup white chocolate either chips or a finely chopped bar
  • 1/4 cup unsalted butter
  • 2 tbsp orange zest
  • 3 tbsp heavy whipping cream
  • 1/2 tsp orange extract
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar divided
  • orange food coloring optional
  1. To start, put white chocolate chips in a small, wide container you can seal (like Tupperware) and set nearby. also have a mesh strainer and a spatula within reach.
  2. add unsalted butter and orange zest to a small spatula and warm over medium heat. Once mixture begins to bubble, let cook for about 1 minute, stirring frequently.
  3. ...
  4. ....

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