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This Keto salad direction is created four completely different ways; Rotisserie salad, Canned salad, Leftover salad and that i ’ll even tell methods|you the way} to cook chicken for chicken salad! Either way, all of those simple chicken recipes square measure the right make-ahead low carb lunch!
It's nearly not even truthful to think about it a direction as a result of its the best Keto Chicken direction ever. I typically throw it along side leftover chicken or canned chicken, however typically I’ll cook up some deformity or thighs and create an enormous batch for simple meal prepped lunches. 

Although United States Keto-ers square measure told we will clap on the butter, eat all the cheese, and delight in chicken thighs rather than solely lean chicken breasts, it's still vital to be aware of the ingredients we have a tendency to consume frequently.

You have to be aware of the mayonnaise or different condiments that you simply realize in grocery stores. several of them can have other sugar, artificial sweeteners or a listing of processed ingredients you can’t pronounce. 

If you're about to be meal prepping a healthy low carb salad direction for lunch each day on you may wish to require the time to create positive you're exploitation mayonnaise that's clean and Keto friendly too!
5oz Chicken (canned, rotisserie, leftover chicken breasts or thighs)
2 Tablespoons of monger Joes Organic mayo
1 Tablespoon Celery, diced
1 Tablespoon purple onion, diced
1/4 Teaspoon seasoning
1/4 Teaspoon Black Pepper
1/4 Teaspoon Garlic Powder ( i like to recommend beginning with 1/8 teaspoon and adding a lot of to style... i like further garlic, however it'd be an excessive amount of for a few people)

  • Rotisserie salad
  • Remove 5 ounces of chicken from the bones, discarding the skin. 
  • Use 2 forks to drag apart the chicken and chop the chicken up into smaller items.
  • In a little bowl mix the rotisserie chicken, mayo, onion, celery, seasoning, ground pepper, and garlic powder.
  • Canned salad
  • Drain the juice from the will of chicken
  • Add chicken to atiny low bowl, and use a fork to interrupt apart the chicken
  • Add the mayonnaise, onions, celery, seasoning, ground pepper, and garlic powder. Use your fork to figure it all at once.

How to Cook Chicken for salad

  1. To Sautee: gently grease a pan or sauté pan over medium heat add chicken thighs or breasts to the pan and cook for regarding five minutes, flip the chicken and continue cookery for regarding 6-7 minutes. Check to take care the chicken is overdone all the manner through, no pink within the center! take away from heat, drain any excess juices, slash the chicken then add remaining salad ingredients.
  2. To bake: heat up kitchen appliance to 450 F, gently grease a baking sheet, bake for ten minutes, take away from heat and flip the deformity or thighs over. come back to kitchen appliance and cook for an extra 5- ten minutes reckoning on the scale of the chicken. Cut a chunk receptive take care there's no a lot of pink within the center.

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