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Make in advance of Christmas to let all the flavours come together it’s so easy to make and so delicious you’ll never go back to jarred mince meat again!

This recipe is for so adaptable you can use vegetable diet or animal suet it’s up to you.

 X 4 jars
  • 250 grams raisins
  • 2 apples finely diced
  • 375 grams currant
  • 100 ml spiced rum
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 300 grams vegetable suet or animal suet
  • 250 grams soft brown sugar
  • Half a grated nutmeg
  • 85 grams candies mixed peel
Chop the apple place in the pan!




 Squirt over the lemon juice.





On a medium heat add the suet. Give it a stir, take it off the heat as you don’t want all the suet to melt.





Add the raisins, currents and brown sugar.




Next add the candied peel and rum, stir well and grate in the nutmeg! Place in sterilised jars.


Recipe By Emilys Home Cooked Kitchen

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